As it turns out ChatGPT has quite a few problems. So for the time being I am only using it for things I already have skills to which to verify the veracity of what it outputs. That puts the ChatGPT And Me series of posts on indefinite hold. I am still playing around with ChatGPT for programming uses, however the progress is slow as I decided to restructure the Learning a new Programming Language with ChatGPT more than once and thus did not spend the little time I have outside of work on rewrite of the site.

So for the three new projects I 'launched' in February of last year one on hold, two I'm still working on. News years resolution: post progress reports in some timely manner.

I am focused on relaunching the site as the priority before I work on any other personal projects. So for now that is my focus.

posted by dharh 5:04 PM Jan 16th

As I have mentioned before I have been working, albeit slowly, on finally finishing the conversion of the site from ColdFusion to C#.NET. By and by recently chatGPT has roared onto the internet with a bang, might even say a BING, and although code assist AI, with github, has been in a sort of beta state for the last several months (or even year?) I have thought that a way to revitalize my enthusiasm for working on this site is the start to mess around with it.

As such I have decided to do multiple things. One is to try to use chatGPT while I work in the C# code for this site and document the journey in so doing. Two, since programming and philosophy are some of the main focuses of the site, I will create a series called ChatGPT And Me (initially called Chatting With ChatGPT) where I will post various chats that I have with chatGPT on a wide range of subjects. Three, I will revive the Learning a new Programming Language series with chatGPT at the helm with critiques from me.

I'm hoping this will be fun and interesting for both me and any audience there might be.

posted by dharh 12:45 AM Feb 22nd, 2023

Welp. It's been over 10 years since I last posted here. 8 years since I last did any work on this site. Many things have happened.

First it was just being lazy and not having the drive to post anything while I was working on redoing the backend of the site. Then the work slowed down to a crawl and eventually to a stop. I don't know if there is a link between my lack of drive and the health issues that started to show up in 2015, but by the end of 2016 I was in the hospital fighting for my life. A few hiccups and then Covid-19 we finally reach today.

I am still Alive

The site is not dead and neither am I. The forced change of the backend host for this site has spurred me to try again to get going with this. To bring some order in the chaos where the mind dwells.

The new host has given me some issues, half of which are currently resolved. The main thing that is working right now is the coldfusion version of neThing (v0.8) has been brought back up to full working status so I can post this.


  • Me
  • neThing (v0.8)
  • Sparce
  • neSpeeches

Not Working

  • neTodo
  • neFeedeater (probably gonna kill it)

For a list of project (incomplete, but I will update) you can go here: Projects

So here I go working again.

posted by dharh 1:25 PM Mar 25th, 2022

After a really long development time (too long, with 6 months where I didn't even touch the code), neThing v0.7 has been completed and released. You can view the changelog to see the changes.

posted by dharh 5:23 PM Dec 4th, 2009

The in deep thought code base has just reached v0.6. You can view the changelog to see the changes.

posted by dharh 5:21 PM Jan 26th, 2008

The in deep thought code base has just reached v0.3. You can view the changelog to see the changes.

posted by dharh 1:51 PM Jun 19th, 2007

I have been developing the back-end for in deep thought for a long time now and I think the time has come for it to evolve into an actual web site package. To that end I have named the package "neThing". That doesn't change anything about the site itself. It is still called in deep thought and nothing has really changed except at the bottom it now reads "Powered by neThing". Eventually I'll package neThing for others to use.

Last Updated 2023-04-24

Planned: v0.9 (xx Feb 11)


  • Core | NOT YET IMPLEMENTED Code for IDT.neThing is now C#.NET, Cold Fusion branch ends at v0.8

v0.8 (03 Jan 11)


  • Wiki | Can now add strikethrough using [s][/s] EXAMPLE: strikethrough


  • UI | g-a and g-b commands have been remove


  • Admin | Fixed search by label
  • Posts | Fixed an issue where some posts were not viewable because of the date when they were posted
  • Posts | Fixed a reversion of a prior bug where the captcha was not showing up thus making comments impossible, but not spam....
  • UI | Nav should better understand when and where to work or not work

v0.7 (04 Dec 09)


  • Admin | Posts page loads the post list via Async Ajax call
  • Admin | Removed Article and Blog area and replaced with Post area
  • Admin | Resources are no longer split between Article and Blog posts
  • Posts | Articles and Blog posts are now Posts
  • Posts | Twitter entries now tag with twitter tag
  • Core | Added a new field for posts to enter trackback urls
  • Core | Added pings for trackbacks in the queue
  • Core | Added Twitter RSS import using neFeedeater
  • Core | Added via location for posts
  • Core | Added twitParser to parse twitter entries
  • Core | twitParser can now parse http|https|ftp for autolink
  • Core | twitParser can now parse #searchstring for autolink
  • Core | Initial work on adding a simple Async Ajax call
  • Core | Initial objectifying of Twitter feed (will add settings to admin page next version)
  • Core | Twitter Feed now loads via Async Ajax call
  • Core | Added archive by Year/Month function to front page (will objectify and add to settings admin page next version)
  • Core | Added tag cloud function to front page (will objectify and add to settings admin page next version)
  • Core | Removal of archive slider box from front page (may later add to the object drawer and settings admin page)
  • Wiki | Can now comment things out using <!-- -->
  • Wiki | Can now add sigs in discussions using ~~~~ EXAMPLE: dharh 11 Feb 08


  • Admin | Fixed overview of Talk pages to no longer display empty pages
  • Posts | Posts and Talk pages work again
  • Core | Tables should work more like standard wiki markup now
  • Core | Fixed problem with tables not accepting style for individual cells properly
  • UI | Fixed navigation being invoked by typing recaptcha forms sometimes
  • Wiki | Fixed error when saving wiki articles with quotes
  • Wiki | Fixed talk page error regression due to change to dirhandler

v0.6 (08 Jan 08)


  • Wiki | Added talk pages for articles
  • Wiki | Added comments for talk pages
  • Core | Nospam image has been replaced with recaptcha
  • Admin | Summary has been removed from posts


  • UI | Fixed navigation being invoked when typing in forms sometimes

v0.5 (03 Aug 07)


  • Core | Replaced several portions of wikiParse with regex for speed and cleaner code
  • Admin | Added the "Don't show this on top menu" checkbox which does what it says


  • Core | Fixed being used over multiple lines

v0.4 (26 Jul 07)


  • Wiki | Added history for articles
  • Wiki | Added ability to compare versions of articles
  • Wiki | Added ability to edit individual sections by themselves


  • Core | Fixed nospam image under php 5.x (imagecolorallocate problem)
  • Core | Nospam image was too easy so moved distortion on top of text

v0.3 (19 Jun 07)


  • Admin | Can now upload files to specific posts
  • Admin | Added a resource viewer to view all files uploaded to posts
  • Admin | Can now search posts in admin view
  • UI | Added search feature
  • UI | / to search



  • UI | New UI navigation
  • UI | j next
  • UI | k previous
  • UI | r refresh
  • UI | v goto current posts home
  • UI | g-h goto main page home
  • UI | g-a goto articles home
  • UI | g-b goto blog home
  • Wiki | Added wiki links. Blog and article posts can be linked to other articles by name using [[article_name]]
  • Wiki | Added the <nowiki> tag
  • Wiki | Added the <nohtml> tag



  • Admin | Clean and consistent administrator console
  • Admin | Separate areas for blogs, articles, and drafts
  • Admin | Quick view of all comments on the site and the ability to delete
  • Core | A nospam image for comments
  • Core | Added wikiParser to parse wiki markup for articles and blog entries
  • UI | Framework for easy navigation between main areas and individual posts using keyboard shortcuts
  • UI | Multiple ways to find articles and posts (labels, search, name)

posted by dharh 11:23 PM Jan 25th, 2007

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