It is probably a myth that Albert Einstein said:

"If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man."

A myth because there is nobody who has ever printed that quote who has provided an original source. Also two people (here and here) have taken it up with actual Einstein historians who have never heard of the quote.

However, even if it is a myth, the quote is quite apt. Recently the Bee has been disappearing. What would happen if the bees disappeared?

So what's happening? It seems to be called CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder). Many reasons are being researched, from the foods being fed the bees to cell phones. Whatever the reasons this is a real problem.

posted by dharh 11:59 PM Apr 23rd, 2007

The universe expanding forever no beginning or no end? Maybe according to this new theory.

posted by dharh 2:42 PM Feb 1st, 2007

posted by dharh 9:55 PM Oct 19th, 2006

The nature of science and its ties to philosophy and history.

With philosophy we ask many questions of existence. Using science as one of the tools of philosophy we delve into the workings of our Universe trying to find answers to some of those questions. Specifically those answers dealing with the workings of the physical Universe. In searching for a better understanding how the Universe works we gain more knowledge of it. It is this knowledge that we use that gives us what we have today. Without Science we would not understand how electricity works. This in itself would make many things we have in the world unable to exist. Such things as cars, computers, lights, or TV. The miracle of this technology comes from our understanding of the laws of the Universe. With it we can cured diseases, save lives, and go into space. We could not do this without the scientists who have spent their lives in laboratories testing and researching.

However, even with the many wonders science gives us it also has a downside. Being human as we are we can miss use science. Science can just as easily lead to lives lost as lives saved. Sometimes this is unavoidable by accident, but sometimes people purposely miss use it. One need only look into our history to see some of these accidents and blatant missuses. Only through wisdom and vigilance can we prevent either.

There are many areas of science such as geology, biology, chemistry, and physics. Each of the fields in science are deep with many things to learn, people spend their entire lives focusing on one subject.

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Sweet. Scientists have come up with a small device that can take oxygen straight out of the water. Now if only they could figure out how to make a sword out of plasma that I could hold in my hand. Oh and all that Jedi mind strick stuff.

posted by dharh 10:52 AM Sep 17th, 2006

US Flag Happy 4th of July America. NASA decided to join in the fireworks today by smashing a satalite into a comet.

posted by dharh 7:35 PM Jul 4th, 2005

As I do nearly every weekend I went and saw a movie, this weekend I saw "What the bleep do we know?", which was an interesting documentary about quantum physics. There were two main parts to it, the story and the documentary, both revolving around the central theme of quantum physics and how we are effected at the very small quanta levels. One of the more interesting things I brought out of the movie was the idea that we can tell ourselves to have positive thoughts but instead what we get is a very thin line or layer of positive thought surrounded with our normal negative thoughts or feelings. Leading us to think we've pushed the negative away when really we have not. Another interesting idea, which Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto experimented with, that water can be affected by human thought, vibration, words, and music by different crystals forming such as with thoughts like love and hate. I leave you to follow the links to research on your own for now.

posted by dharh 11:54 AM Oct 11th, 2004

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