Finally, it looks like on demand books can become a reality. A company called On Demand Books (heh) has a new machine called Expresso which can pump out a 550 page book in less than seven minutes. The price per page is between one to five cents depending on where you read.

posted by dharh 12:30 PM Dec 21st, 2006

If anyone has read The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy they will understand. Anyway, I've made various little changes and whatnots to some content.

posted by dharh 9:16 PM Jun 21st, 2005

Update the list of books I own, adding recently bought and read sections, and adding a menu for easier navigation.

posted by dharh 6:35 PM Jun 21st, 2005

David Cross is a funny guy. I'm currently reading a book called Cryptonomicon written by Neal Stephenson. This guy is borderline fucking genius or I'm borderline fucking retarded, either way. Anyway he takes these pauses in the book to explain some complex theory like how sex affects clarity of mind such that Cm (clarity of mind) can be designated as a range from 0 ≤ Cm < 1 where Cm = 0 indicates a totally clouded mind and Cm = 1 is an unattainable divine state of infinite intellect. Horniness designated as σ begins at zero at time t = t0 and increases linearly immediately following sex as a function of time such as &sigma a (t - tô) and can only drop back down to zero by having sex or a Manual Override. This function of horniness effect clarity of mind such that the at a critical point in horniness there is a threshold σc when σ > σc it becomes impossible to concentrate. This can be completely described by the limit function:
Cm  a   lim
(σ - σc)n

It's bloody brilliant! The main thrust of the book is about the importance of cryptography through WWII and currently as you can probably tell from the title.

Normally I'm not much into quirky community sites but orkut seems relatively decent. It's affiliated with google so it might be an interesting site. The server is a little slow but they got a ton of communities, even one for Fort Collins.

posted by dharh 11:10 PM Jun 27th, 2004

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