The first pocket radio.

posted by dharh 3:36 PM Apr 27th, 2006

No TWI today. Last couple weeks of classes, spending most my time trying to keep up with work and study for finals.

Plinks and links: Chatology Special Report

posted by dharh 6:59 AM Apr 24th, 2006

I think this short but sweet message says everything for this last week.

posted by dharh 1:19 PM Apr 16th, 2006

Very small TWI this week, heh.

Don't like the NSA? You can foil it if you use VOIP. Speaking of things on the net heres another link about the net neutrality front.

That's it.

Notable: Chatology

posted by dharh 2:18 PM Apr 10th, 2006

It's a massive totally random one this week.

An argument raged last week about the media's coverage of the US occupation of Iraq characterizing it as one sided, showing only the bad things. Some people actually tried to say journalists in Iraq were reporting from their balconies rather than going out on to the ground to report on the good things going on in Iraq. I think this argument is distasteful and call shame on those who are making this argument themselves from the safety of America. These reporters in Iraq who are constantly under threat of death, as is evident from the many reporters who have died in Iraq, are reporting what needs to be reported about Iraq. A school or hospital opening is well and good but when its the backdrop of constant violence which is the most important things to the people in Iraq and people back here in America.

If you have not seen this video you should: mime torn. Also you should see this one too: French Horn Guy. Oh and Ask A Ninja is funny as hell.

It can be hard to grok the open source movement and in particular Richard Stallman but here is a transcript from groklaw of a recent keynote Richard gave about the future of free software.

I smell some bullshit coming from the direction of the FCC. Speaking of stupid things from the FCC, FCC Chief Kevin Martin has come out and sanctioned tiered internet.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's a spy drone!

Am I the only one who thought they knew what caused Asthma? Well I guess they do now. Also apparently hot peppers can kill cancer.

The hugely successful PSOne with 100 million shipped worldwide is produced no more.

While many continue to not recognize global warming the rest of us know it is a real threat. Even NASA acknowledges its effects. While perhaps it does no one any good to talk in such overtones like DOOM, it does no one any good to ignore it and wait for 100% 'evidence' when such will likely be damaging and way too late. Better be safe than sorry and start now to clean ourselves up. We don't have to be smug about it though. Smug can be just as bad as smog.

And yes the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything is 42!

posted by dharh 9:45 PM Apr 2nd, 2006

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