Welp. It's been over 10 years since I last posted here. 8 years since I last did any work on this site. Many things have happened.

First it was just being lazy and not having the drive to post anything while I was working on redoing the backend of the site. Then the work slowed down to a crawl and eventually to a stop. I don't know if there is a link between my lack of drive and the health issues that started to show up in 2015, but by the end of 2016 I was in the hospital fighting for my life. A few hiccups and then Covid-19 we finally reach today.

I am still Alive

The site is not dead and neither am I. The forced change of the backend host for this site has spurred me to try again to get going with this. To bring some order in the chaos where the mind dwells.

The new host has given me some issues, half of which are currently resolved. The main thing that is working right now is the coldfusion version of neThing (v0.8) has been brought back up to full working status so I can post this.


  • Me
  • neThing (v0.8)
  • Sparce
  • neSpeeches

Not Working

  • neTodo
  • neFeedeater (probably gonna kill it)

For a list of project (incomplete, but I will update) you can go here: Projects

So here I go working again.

posted by dharh 1:25 PM Mar 25th, 2022

Hopefully this new year will see some more activity from me. That's my new years resolution for IDT.

As a sort of quick plan for what I want to do this year:

  • Finish building the C#.NET version of IDT.neThing
  • Continue with the 15 Exercises for Learning a new Programming Language series (#lrn2program), fleshing out the java part, adding c++, javascript, and python
  • Work on getting neFeedeater running for other people
  • Permanently pull in the delicious links that currently feed into Sparce from delicious.com and convert Sparce into a semi copy of delicious

Let's see how it all goes.

posted by dharh 10:37 AM Jan 3rd, 2011

Last Updated 2009-08-14


  • Del.icio.us backend
  • Counts clicks on links, orders links by click
  • New UI. Looks more like idt


  • newLink() now takes category, name, and URL instead of just category and link


  • Fixed position error with [more...] menu


  • Now every link is added through the newLink() function


  • Created newLink() function which can take category and link
  • Create displayLinks() function which will display all links added via newLink()
  • You can set a max initial display for number of links per category
  • It can dynamicaly handle additional links


  • The additional links displayed from [more] are now handled through an array list


  • Added javascript to handle too many links to be displayed, popup from [more...] displays additional the links


  • UI now looks like XP window


  • Links in categories, in a line


  • Created very simple massive link display page by category

posted by dharh 11:50 PM Oct 2nd, 2006

I've updated the wiki code a bit tonight. I've added wiki link markup for regular and links to articles in the system.

Also sparce v3.0 has been moved into RC1 along with a UI change. It now counts how many times you have clicked on a link and orders the links by how many clicks they have received.

posted by dharh 11:43 PM Oct 2nd, 2006

Sparce links has been updated to the lasted version. It now uses del.icio.us to populate its links, which pretty much now makes it a UI for del.icio.us. All that's left to do is keeping persistant information about link to count clicks so the links can be ordered by most used.

posted by dharh 12:53 AM Oct 2nd, 2006

Linkmarks has been completely replaced by sparce. Some various links that were in Linkmarks but not in Sparce have been put into the sections which I thought were applicable.

posted by dharh 7:09 PM Jun 14th, 2004

Here's a shit load of links for you to click on.

posted by dharh 5:30 PM Feb 8th, 2004

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