Saw an interesting article come up while reading: Pluralistic: Tiktok's enshittification.

posted by dharh 11:30 PM Jan 30th, 2023

Hey, looks like its time to resurrect MLP posts! This MLP post is brought to you by the recent stock market turmoil.

PayPal finally may have some competition from new comer noca.

Do you think you're a Software Engineer? According to one man hacker Ravi Mohan, your probably really a ratcatcher. I have to agree with Steve over here though. If you're a programmer, you probably don't know how compilers work.

If you like Apple's new MacBook Air but dont have the budget for it perhaps you would be interested in the cheeper Asus Eee PC solution and upgrade it yourself.

I finally bought Rock Band, even though I only got the PS2 (PS3 compatible though!) version. It certainly brings back memories of my drummer days. Check out this cool program that will allow the drum pads to work with your PC.

posted by dharh 11:19 AM Jan 24th, 2008

Read some interesting pages about Microsoft over the last week or two. The most telling was How Microsoft Lost the API War which has a theory about the change internally from backwards compatibility. There is some more evidence that this change has become quite pervasive here and here. As someone who believes heartily that backwards compatibility is key to having a large enough software base for good adoption this trend is most telling that Microsoft is going in the wrong direction. Lawrence Lessig posted on his blog an interesting speech Cory Doctorow gave to some people at Microsoft about DRM. Finally, if its to be believed, Transgaming has announced WineX 4.0, named Cedega, which will be able to run Windows games on Linux with very good compatibility and performance.

posted by dharh 11:41 AM Jun 22nd, 2004

As a semi peruser of all things I found this interesting stuff about airships and of course the Zeppelin. I was prompted to look at this because the Zeppelin Flies Again. I found this article on blogs from Time to be interesting. Of special note was this paragraph:

"We may be in the golden age of blogging, a quirky Camelot moment in Internet history when some guy in his underwear with too much free time can take down a Washington politician. It will be interesting to see what role blogs play in the upcoming election. Blogs can be a great way of communicating, but they can keep people apart too. If I read only those of my choice, precisely tuned to my political biases and you read only yours, we could end up a nation of political solipsists, vacuum sealed in our private feedback loops, never exposed to new arguments, never having to listen to a single word we disagree with."
Those of you that visit slashdot often may have already seen this stuff and find it redundant, but I don't really care, so thbbbt!

posted by dharh 4:16 PM Jun 14th, 2004

For some who care and the rest who don't my birthday was yesterday. Ah, how it feels to be 24... whatever. I've never been much for birthdays even when I was a kid. I never really felt any different. Life is a serious of big and small changes, mostly small changes, usually over long periods of time. So most of the time nothing usually happens on some ritual homage to when you were born, except of course the day you were actually born, except presents and cake. Neither of which I really need to continue on with my life nor know that my friends care about my existence. On the other hand this weekend I may spend a night up with some friends celebrating both my and some of my other friends birthdays which happen to also be in June.

I'm not usually one to read blogs, though one of my friends has, in the tradition of those of us who rarely updates things, a rarely updated blog here, and it seems that lately my site is turning into a blog, however I have been reading a little bit from this blog. How many times can I say the word blog? Thanks please drive through.

To put some news that is at least relevant to the web site I have a very rough draft, and I do mean rough, of some stuff I have been working on for my philosophy.

posted by dharh 2:18 PM Jun 11th, 2004

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