What has happened throughout the history of earth? What happened in the past to put us where we are now? What has happened in the past of man?

Throughout history we have learned many things in the areas of science and technology, have heard many people of philosophy put forth their ideas, and have endured great tragedies of war. Some people say it is important to learn history in order to learn from past mistakes. Others have said that we are doomed to repeat history. Some have said that it is important to learn about our history so that we can know where we come from and understand where we are going into the future. Yet others have said the only thing that matters is the here and now.

Flash of History of Empires
A Peoples History of the United States

A Trip Through the 5000 Years of World History

History means dates of happenings and names of people. History began in the Nile Valley, in Egypt, where a priest called Manetho wrote about it, naming the ruler or pharaoh of the country as Menes.

The Years Before Christ (B.C.)

3200 Menes and the First Dynasty of his successors the pharaohs in Egypt.

2500 The Egyptian Pyramids built

2000 The Code of Laws of Hammurabi in Babylonia in the Valley of the Tigris and Euphrates.

1250 The Invasions of the People of the Sea. Homer's Iliad and Odyssey and the Achaeans' Siege of Troy. Aryans by land in Persia and India (the Rigveda). First dynasties of kings in China. Moses led the Jewish tribe of Israel out of Egyptian slavery into Palestine.

750 Homer lived and the First Olympic Games were held in Athens. Romulus and Remus first kings of Rome.

500 Rome a Republic. Greek civil wars and against the Persians. Athens against Sparta. Herodotus the Father of History. Socrates and Plato in Athens. The Persian Empire - Zoroaster. Buddha in India. Confucius in China.

333 Aristotle taught Alexander the Great, who conquered the Persian Empire and penetrated India.

44 Julius Caesar assassinated in Rome after conquering Egypt and dealing with Cleopatra. Civil war.

31 Caesar's nephew Octavian became the Roman Emperor Augustus.

The Years (A.D.) Since the Birth of Christ in the Reign of Augustus

33 Jesus Christ was crucified in the reign of Tiberius

325 Constantine the Great converted the Roman Empire to Christianity and then dedicated Constantinople as his capital.

452 Attila the Hun threatened Rome, but was warned off by Pope Leo the Great. Invasions of the other Barbarians across Europe.

476 Romulus Augustulus last Roman Emperor in the West.

622 Mohammed and the beginning of the Moslem Era. The Arabs overran North Africa and penetrated Spain. Great Tang Dynasty in China. Imitation of China in Japan.

800 Revival of the Roman Empire in the West by Charlemagne, King of the Franks. The Viking Age began. Canute the Great. The Varangian Rus and their conversion to Christianity

1000 Leif Eriksson discovered America in Newfoundland.

1066 The Norman Duke William conquered England. Feudalism. The Crusades to recover Jerusalem from the Turks.

1233 The Mongols of Genghis Khan overran Russia, but in China, Kublai Khan began a dynasty, and was visited by Marco Polo.

1453 Constantinople fell to the Turks, but in Venice, Milan, and Florence the Renaissance continued in full flower.

1492 Conquest of Granada from the Mohammedan Moors under Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain, and they sent Christopher Columbus to discover America anew.

1519 Charles King of Spain first Habsburg Roman Emperor. Luther began the Protestant Reformation against the Popes of Rome.

1588 The defeat and destruction of the Spanish Invincible Armada by the English under Queen Elizabeth.

1643 France supreme in Europe under Louis XIV - the Sun King.

1760 Canada and India ceded by France to the British Empire.

1776 Declaration of Independence of the U.S.A. from Britain.

1789 The French Revolution, which produced Napoleon.

1815 After failing in Russia, Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo.

1837 Queen Victoria began the Victorian Era in Europe.

1914 The First World War began, with Britain, France and Russia against Germany, Austria and Turkey

1917 Lenin seized power in Russia. The Communist International

1918 The end of the First World War, and the end of the Austrian and Turkish Empires. Hitler came to power in Germany.

1939 The Second World War began with the conquest of France by Hitler, who then invaded Russia, whilst Japan struck at the U.S.A.

1945 Germany was defeated by Britain, the U.S.A. and Russia

1945 Japan was defeated by American atomic bombs, but then began the Cold War in Europe, with Britain, France and the U.S.A. against the U.S.S.R. under Stalin. The U.S.A. was to fight the Korean and Vietnam Wars, in effect against Communist China under Mao.

1991 The U.S.S.R. and Communism were found to be completely hollow after Gorbachev had come to power and introduced Glasnost (Openness) and Perestroika (Reconstruction). The U.S.A. became the sole great power in the world, but the European Community led by Germany, France, and Italy prospered economically, as did Japan, whilst the United Nations reaffirmed its universal role in politics.

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