Personal Computers and First World Countries

What makes a Mac, a Mac? It's the user experience. I keep hearing that the a Mac is all about OS X. While this may be true of the exact moment, what Apple really is about is the user's experience. It's about the elegance, the look, the feel, the service, the tangibility that says this product not only feels better than any Wintel or Lintel box running around out there it IS better. Sure Apple and their Macs are a niche market, despite the iPod, but that's a good thing. I believe any move that makes them anything but is a disaster to both the company and the consumer. In the end becoming just another computer company churning out computers, though making a few bucks, won't put your name in the history books and certainly won't create the loyal following like Apple has today. There is always a need for that white sheep in a sea of black sheep to remind us that while cheep is all well and good, when you want something better here it is. I must add that though I have used a Mac and used OS 9 and OS X at work, I have never owned a Mac.

So I had a discussion with my friends today over coffee about third world countries versus first world countries. We talked about supposed utopia and complete equality. I don't believe that people are necessarily born equal in every way. Not physically, mentally, nor really should they be treated as such. However, there are a few things things people should be treated equal about. First everyone should be able to have the same medical care, everyone should have the same opportunity for education (whether everyone goes to AP classes or not is another matter), everyone should be protected equally under the law. We have some things right, not everything. I think that a society without competition, without adversity, is a stagnant society. One which will inherently fail because a society that has nothing to strive for doesn't strive for anything. How do we connect the one argument with the other? Well, perhaps I dunno. Life does what it does, let's keep it going and maybe get the answers we seek.

posted by dharh 10:12 PM Jun 9th, 2005

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