Look around you. Note where you are and the things around you. Take a piece of paper and a pencil and write these things down. Note the Bedroom, bathroom, outside, mall, etc. Then write down the things around you-- things like a telephone pole, chair, computer, bed, TV, car, tree, man with a knife running after you. These things are important, they are what you perceive of reality. What is meant by that is: there is a reality. Reality in its pure form is unlabeled and undistorted by the senses. It is the senses that see, hear, smell, feel, and taste reality. There were some people, a long time ago, one of which was named Immanuel Kant, who said that one cannot know reality. That one cannot know a tree is a tree, or that ground is the ground. Most of all, he said that reality is determined by each individual's mind, therefore creating different realities for each person, and not independent on man's mind. This is wrong many times over. Objects of reality have labels, they are what we call them because we labeled them so. Reality is not different for each person, but each person perceives reality differently. The laws of reality make the things that Immanuel Kant talked about impossible. Some may be confused or do not fully understand. Sure enough, some may not know the laws or reality. So let me explain further.

First of all, there are the three laws of reality: the Law of Existence, the Law of Identity, and the Law of Consciousness. The first law, the Law of Existence, asserts that existence exists and that one must accept the existence or reality. When one makes the claim "Reality does not exist", they are one; making a specific claim about the nature of reality, thus admitting that reality exists to have a property, and two; claiming that they or nothing at all exists, for reality is the sum of all that exists. If reality does not exist, then nothing can exist. The second law, the Law of Identity, states that every existent entity (which is the only kind of entity there is) is what it is; something specific. It has the properties it has and no others; it has an identity; it exists. The third law, the Law of Consciousness, asserts that all things with a brain have a consciousness. This asserts that man is conscious. Man also has the ability to reason and think. To say this is not true you must assert that you do not think it is true, but if it is true you could not think.

Given that man can reason and think it can also be said that man can use his senses correctly. Using the five senses, man can sense reality. Man can hear a car horn, see a tree, taste a donut, etc. Now, for the sake of a point, let us use the word "object" in the sense that, for instance, a car is an object with certain properties. These properties include four wheels, a hood, an engine, a steering wheel, etc. These are also objects themselves. Man can see the properties of an object and figure out what it is. Using all the laws of reality we can strengthen this idea. By the first law we can say that existence exists and that objects exists. Objects are a major part of reality. Much of reality consists of masses, or objects. A rock is a solid form of mass; it is an object in reality; it exists. By the second law we can say that these objects are something specific. These objects have specific properties that make them what they are. They have these properties and no others besides. These properties give the object its identity in reality. Making it not just an object but an object with properties different from another object. The third law was discussed in the beginning of the paragraph. This as a whole could dispute Kant's and other's theories, but there is more to reality.

Secondly, reality is independent of man's mind. Some people tried to say that reality was dependent of man and that man's mind created a reality for each individual person. For this to be true then some things could not exist. No new things could be discovered. At least for me anyway. Since I have never seen China and I do not know China, then, under Kant's and others pretense, it would not exist in my reality. Yet year after year, people go to China for the first time. New things are discovered. If my reality were different, then how could I communicate with other people? I would think I'd be speaking a completely different language. In fact I would say no one with a mind could exist in my reality, because then their reality would interfere with mine. Hogwash, eh? Yes. As I have stated before, there is one reality. Pure with all its object and all its things that exist. All living entities use senses to survive in reality. All entities with the ability to reason and think do more than just exist and survive, they think and reason out what their senses tell them. They take an object with certain properties and give it a name. It has been this way for thousands of years. It is called labeling.

Thirdly, an object is what I call it because I have labeled it that. Take an object, for example, that has big words on the front called a title. There is a picture too, and inside are several other words on things called pages. Now many people would call this a book. If I wanted, I could call it a book too, or I could call it a "partiplus". A weird sounding word at best, and one that no one but me would understand the meaning of. Still it is my word, it is my label with the meaning: Front with title and picture and has pages with words inside. That is what a label is. A word with a meaning to parallel the properties of the object in which it is applied. If I label an object a TV then thats what it is. What has happened though, over the years, is people have made universal labels; labels all people use, with pre-set meanings. This is what is called a language. A language is a bunch of labels put together to be used in communication between people. Labels also allow the mind to turn huge definitions and concepts into a simple word. Labels are as much a part of human lives as objects are.

In conclusion, reality is knowable by man. It is not dependent on man's mind. Objects in reality are what they are. The labels given to them have meaning that correspond with their properties. Man's senses take what reality dishes out, then correlates that data to allow man to deal with reality. Reality can only be independent of man's mind, for if it were not, there would be more than one reality. Then it would be a swirl of chaos since there are many minds out there. Otherwise, if there were separate realities for each person, then they would all be entirely different. There would be different names for things, different appearances, different ways of life, etc. Even birth and death would be different. In birth, the mother's reality is having the baby. That baby would not be able to have a mind or it would start changing and interfering with the mother's reality. Therefore, the entire race of these "reality controllers" would die out into mindless drones. In fact, once the mother died, then the child and that entire reality would no longer exist. That is certainly not the case. There is only one reality and there is more than one person who can think, but then there are actually people who cannot think and also those who refuse to. Imagine a reality tied to that kind of mind, a mind without a thought. What would be filled in that kind of reality? Nothing. Pure absolute nothingness.

posted by dharh 2:25 PM Aug 3rd, 2007

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