I am almost done with the first version of online neTodo. There is a demo login people can use to test it out just go here and login with demo/demo for login and password. As soon as I finish all the rest of the items on my list for neTodo I'll release it everyone to register to.

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I added a new menu item under the logo called Link Blog which is a list of items I've marked as shared through google reader. It's a glimpse into some of the stuff I end up posting here and alot of stuff I don't.

In other news I've been mulling over how I want to approach posting more content to the site as most of it has ended up being political in nature or about the environment. This is in fact only a small portion of my daily life, where I actually spend most of my time programming, reading, and philosophizing.

I have never been good at organizing my self. For all my endeavors into doing so (book cases, file cabinets, plastic bins, cork board, etc), it has all amounted to organized chaos. Much like how this site came to be in the first place, where it is an attempt to bring a little order to my own chaotic mind, so I can have some semblance of backing up my otherwise intractable thoughts.

Hopefully I will do better.

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The in deep thought code base has just reached v0.3. You can view the changelog to see the changes.

posted by dharh 1:51 PM Jun 19th, 2007 via idt

Wow not only are we using corn crops and such to make ethanol and plastics but we can make other stuff out of plant sugars?

posted by dharh 1:15 AM Jun 17th, 2007 via idt

If you are concerned about the genocide in Darfur and like John Lennon's music perhaps you would like to get the new album Instant Karma: The Amnesty International Campaign to Save Darfur, which reprises John Lennon's music played by many various artists.

Either get the CD, even though I've suggested before people shouldn't buy CDs anymore, or download from online stores like iTunes.

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Yeah, ok so you can't really compare a giant MacBook Pro to the tiny Foleo and NanoBook, but the MacBook Pro just got updated today so here it is anyway.

Foleo as you'll note was released last week by Palm. It seems like a good idea. Basically adding a large screen and full keyboard to a palm device. Palm sees it as a companion to their palm devices.

Via then today releases their NanoBook Ultra Mobile Device (NanoBook woulda been just fine...) reference design. Running a 1.2 GHZ VIA processor, with up to 1 GB memory, 30GB hard drive, bluetooth and 802.11g, a DVI out, Windows XP or Vista, and I'm sure eventually Linux, it seem to beat the pants off the Foleo.

I think the NanoBook does win over the Foleo, if nothing else it is a full computer which can handle all the things I would expect from a device larger than a cell phone (or palm device if you want). The fact is palm sized devices are gaining more abilities becoming more like full mobile computers.

To make a lap sized devices, even though it is very small, with essentially the same abilities as their palm devices, is not really worth it. They should either focus on more innovations to their palm sized devices (touch screen, removing keyboard, larger screen) or focus on more advanced lap sized devices.

When it comes down to it though. I am not really as impressed with these new small notebooks. I am still looking for the large palm device (not depth) essentially like the iPhone but slightly larger and can wirelessly interface, control, connect, and VNC into any machine I have access too.

If I want a larger screen ill go with a MacBook.

posted by dharh 2:06 PM Jun 5th, 2007 via idt

We had a huge server failure and had to upgrade both apache and Bluedragon as part of the fix, which is why it took so long. I'm assured everything should be back up and running as it was.

posted by dharh 12:24 PM May 28th, 2007 via idt

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