I'm sick and tired of the Music Industry. The CD is dead, long live Vinyl. Hurry and catch up with the rest of us: Microsoft, Real, Apple. You can't expect to milk us forever with your restrictive DRM infected media. Stop hurting the many of us who are legitimate by preventing those few who would use DRM free media to pirate. If your thinking sure the CD is dead we can still get you with our online services, statistics show that most music is still bought hard copy, from Walmart no less. Even if that is still a CD, its inevitable, the CD is dead. The fastest growing online music retailer is Emusic, a DRM free service. Not after the success of Vinyl and CDs which were easy to share whenever we wanted however we wanted will we go to restricted media. We will leave you in the dust if we have to.

Update 2007-10-02: Added link to Slashdot story.

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Big Tobacco funding the anti-global warming campaign? What the heck? The UK Guardian has an excerpt from a book called "Heat", not yet published, written by George Monbiot (nice name...) who talks about the network of funding, fake citizen groups, and bogus research institutes associated with the anti-global warming campaign. Started not mainly by ExxonMobile but Philip Morris a tobacco company.

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So you don't want those unsightly wind turbines, even the ones out at see to pollute your view? MIT has the solution with their "invisible" wind turbines.

Works for me. The more we use alternative ways to produce energy that do not involve producing pollution the better. Birds can survive and migrate around wind turbines. Humans may not survive the planets fighting back against pollution (read: natural selection).

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So you wouldn't think this site would have a problem with comment spam since it gets so few visiters, but over a given week I get about 100 spam posts in the comments. I've added images for authentication to comments so in order to make a comment you have to type the text you see in the image.

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Sweet. Scientists have come up with a small device that can take oxygen straight out of the water. Now if only they could figure out how to make a sword out of plasma that I could hold in my hand. Oh and all that Jedi mind strick stuff.

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Er well I'm not getting jiggy with anything but I am busy with my 4 Computer Science classes and full time job. I am still trying to make posts and working on the site so don't think I've died and left just yet. I have two more semesters left counting this one so I expect to be able to focus more here then. I have never been all that good at scheduling my time but it doesn't help that I have to focus on several classes and work and daily life things.

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This is how the government secures the homeland.

posted by dharh 10:51 PM Aug 29th, 2006 via idt

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