Hopefully this new year will see some more activity from me. That's my new years resolution for IDT.

As a sort of quick plan for what I want to do this year:

  • Finish building the C#.NET version of IDT.neThing
  • Continue with the 15 Exercises for Learning a new Programming Language series (#lrn2program), fleshing out the java part, adding c++, javascript, and python
  • Work on getting neFeedeater running for other people
  • Permanently pull in the delicious links that currently feed into Sparce from delicious.com and convert Sparce into a semi copy of delicious

Let's see how it all goes.

posted by dharh 10:37 AM Jan 3rd, 2011

Last Updated 2009-08-14


  • Del.icio.us backend
  • Counts clicks on links, orders links by click
  • New UI. Looks more like idt


  • newLink() now takes category, name, and URL instead of just category and link


  • Fixed position error with [more...] menu


  • Now every link is added through the newLink() function


  • Created newLink() function which can take category and link
  • Create displayLinks() function which will display all links added via newLink()
  • You can set a max initial display for number of links per category
  • It can dynamicaly handle additional links


  • The additional links displayed from [more] are now handled through an array list


  • Added javascript to handle too many links to be displayed, popup from [more...] displays additional the links


  • UI now looks like XP window


  • Links in categories, in a line


  • Created very simple massive link display page by category

posted by dharh 11:50 PM Oct 2nd, 2006

I've updated the wiki code a bit tonight. I've added wiki link markup for regular and links to articles in the system.

Also sparce v3.0 has been moved into RC1 along with a UI change. It now counts how many times you have clicked on a link and orders the links by how many clicks they have received.

posted by dharh 11:43 PM Oct 2nd, 2006

Sparce links has been updated to the lasted version. It now uses del.icio.us to populate its links, which pretty much now makes it a UI for del.icio.us. All that's left to do is keeping persistant information about link to count clicks so the links can be ordered by most used.

posted by dharh 12:53 AM Oct 2nd, 2006

Linkmarks has been completely replaced by sparce. Some various links that were in Linkmarks but not in Sparce have been put into the sections which I thought were applicable.

posted by dharh 7:09 PM Jun 14th, 2004

Here's a shit load of links for you to click on.

posted by dharh 5:30 PM Feb 8th, 2004

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