Hey I remember this place.

Yeah um so in keeping with my general disregard for updating the web site in anything close to a timely manner... I'm all moved in and classes are over, wahoo. It's gonna be a fun filled summer. Got alot of projects I want to get going, gonna be taking calc II also over the summer, and maybe ill have time to go visit my friend Dan in Nevada. Just wanting to let you'se know that I _am_ still working on the material for the site. Click here and um here and also here for fun and information about the end of the world, the next generation in batteries, and SCO. Cause I said so.

I havn't been keeping the HOSTS file up to date cause when it loads it eats a significant amount of resources and seems to take a long time to load. Some of my friends have been complaining about sluggish machines when they have it loaded as well. One of my friend suggested it would be cool if there was a web site devoted to managing the HOSTS file, allowing people to add and remove sites. The site could make sure there are no duplicates and could run through the list every week or month to see if any of the sites in the HOSTS file no longer exist so it can remove them. I just might do that. If you don't know what a HOSTS file is go here.

posted by dharh 6:23 PM May 13th, 2004

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