So I saw this page which gives a list of 15 Exercises for Learning a new Programming Language. I thought, this could also be a good way to compare different languages. In that spirit I'm going to do just that and try to complete the list in different popular languages. To start with I will do them in C# and Java.

As it turns out I'm much less familiar with C# than Java so it will also be a learning experience as the original article had intended. You can see the progress in Programming.

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function trim(str) { var str = str.replace(/^ss*/, ''), ws = /s/, i = str.length; while (ws.test(str.charAt(--i))); return str.slice(0, i + 1); }


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This guy seems to have the right idea on why people would ever choose open source.

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Last Updated 2014-02-14

v2.1.322 (14 Feb 14)


  • Upgraded project to MVC 3
  • ReCaptcha is now provided by an inbuilt ASP.NET function


  • Autocomplete for tags in the users tag list
  • Added secondary tagging system to take the place of lists. Simply use '%' anywhere in your description to add a listtag to your todo item.
  • Lists can be set to public, default private, allowing the user to link to a public facing page to display items tagged in that list.
  • Can now properly set when completed items expire from being displayed.


  • Updated in an attempt to use as much page real estate as possible.
  • Todo input box is now on the bottom of the page and should not scroll away.
  • Added the preference page.
  • Input box is now cleared each time after adding a todo item.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented people from logging out. (cookies would stay alive for 2 more days instead of dying immediately)
  • Fixed a bug that would cause only partial tag names to show up if the tag name had a period in it


  • Upgrade to JQuery 2.1.0
  • Add JQuery UI 1.10.4
  • Move preference page into popup dialog box.
  • Continue converting preferences to use settings.js
  • Add custom priorities to preference page.
  • Fix various use cases with remembering current selected tag or list. (Fix Add, Initial View after login, etc)
  • Add way to add additional notes and uploads to a particular todo item
  • Find and use a notes icon for adding notes and uploads onclick using popup dialog box.
  • Input box can be switched into command prompt mode and expanded to a larger size.
    • add todo item with #blah and %blah tags
    • list #blah, list %blah, list @blah
    • add @@dharh Get this done %projects #neTodo

  • Add \ escape character.
  • Add @ Mmentions to todo items. This should link to twitter
  • Add @@ Push to add todo items. Which would add todo items to _other_ users todo lists. The form is @@dharh Add ability to push todo items to another user using \@@dharh %projects #neTodo
  • Mobile

v2.0.134 (19 Mar 11)

New Versioning

Skipped 1.0 because the previous cold fusion version for all intents and purposes was 1.0 even though it never made it past the beta stage. I am using an auto versioning system with visual studio. Which means for the most part the third number, the number of compiles, is the main way to tell which version is which. The second number will still keep track of major versions, but I don't really foresee using it much. Released

  • neTodo has been converted from Cold Fusion to .NET
  • You can register an account, it's now open to everyone.


  • Now uses JQuery 1.4.2, will upgrade to 1.5.1 shortly after done with some testing
  • The Debug Console has been added to the top. Don't be alarmed, this is here for me to keep an eye on javascript until I am satisfied enough to turn debugging off.
  • Framework added to support neTodo Console. This is not to be confused with the debug console, but rather will be used to more quickly manipulate neTodo in a CLI rather than the GUI.
  • Added the timepicker addon to make it easier to set due dates for todo items


  • Hashtags finally arrived to take over the role of labels. Simply use '#' anywhere in your todo description to add a hashtag to your todo item.
  • A list of all your hashtags can be seen on the left menu area under the Lists menu.
  • Click on a hashtag in your menu to see all todo items with that hashtag
  • A list of all your todo lists can be seen on the left menu area.

Known Issues

  • When you click on a hashtag on the left menu you lose your List state which means adding a new todo item will go to the Global List.

Todo List

  • Add Prefs page
  • Add way to add additional notes and uploads to a particular todo item
  • Add @ Mmentions to todo items. This should link to twitter
  • Add @@ Push to add todo items. Which would add todo items to _other_ users todo lists. The form is @@dharh ##List Add \@@ Push to add todo items. @@dharh Add ability to push todo items to another user using \@@dharh %projects #neTodo
  • Add \ escape character.
  • Add ## List to add todo items. This is shorthand for putting a new todo item to a particular list, primary use would be the neTodo Console but can be good for regular Add Todo Box. Use '%' instead.

v0.2 (14 Aug 09)

Update to JQuery and Preferences Backend


  • neTodo will now use JQuery 1.3.2
  • neThing Framework updated to use JQuery


  • New TodoPref table to replace TodoPreferences
  • Preferences page updated to use new table
  • Preference page updated to JQuery

Todo List

  • Partial JQuery update
  • Each todo item highlights ffff99 when user does mouseover

v0.1 (26 Jan 08)

Released neTodo


  • Ability to add lists
  • Ability to add items to lists
  • Ability to add sub items to items
  • inline editing
  • Ability to set priority for each item
  • custom color codes for priority

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neTodo has been fully released. People can now register to start using it. Try it out and let me know what you think.

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The in deep thought code base has just reached v0.6. You can view the changelog to see the changes.

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Hey, looks like its time to resurrect MLP posts! This MLP post is brought to you by the recent stock market turmoil.

PayPal finally may have some competition from new comer noca.

Do you think you're a Software Engineer? According to one man hacker Ravi Mohan, your probably really a ratcatcher. I have to agree with Steve over here though. If you're a programmer, you probably don't know how compilers work.

If you like Apple's new MacBook Air but dont have the budget for it perhaps you would be interested in the cheeper Asus Eee PC solution and upgrade it yourself.

I finally bought Rock Band, even though I only got the PS2 (PS3 compatible though!) version. It certainly brings back memories of my drummer days. Check out this cool program that will allow the drum pads to work with your PC.

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