Some people have asked me whats the real difference between blog posts and articles.

Blog posts are date centric, meaning there is no criteria other than the date (down to the second) which makes a blog post unique. Any blog post can have the same name as any other. The reasons behind that are blog posts tend to be much more prolific than articles. If a blog post today has the same name as a blog post from two years ago, who cares. Blog posts are also very static, once a post is made it should remain as is.

Articles on the other hand are dynamic. They are changed from time to time based on new or changing information. This means they are name centric. There can be no articles of duplicate names, the name of the article should remain unchanged, and explain what the article is about.

Even though articles and blog posts use the same wiki text markup language to format the posts they do not interfere with each other. Blog posts of the same name as articles have no problems.

posted by dharh 9:52 PM Dec 28th, 2006

Finally, it looks like on demand books can become a reality. A company called On Demand Books (heh) has a new machine called Expresso which can pump out a 550 page book in less than seven minutes. The price per page is between one to five cents depending on where you read.

posted by dharh 12:30 PM Dec 21st, 2006

I found an interesting post over at The Low End Mac which talks about the spoken word interface.

I have been thinking about that lately. How I want to talk to my computer to do simple things like go to this web site or play that song. Not as a replacement but as a supplement, where I still use a mouse and keyboard. This allows for me to speak and type at the same time.

I also have been thinking about audio logs where I can keep a daily or whatever log of the happenings in my life. The audio interface plays right into that where I can just say to the computer "Personal Log" and it starts recording.

posted by dharh 12:56 PM Dec 20th, 2006

AMD has been slowly ramping up a drumbeat about their plans for the future of the CPUs. With their recent acquisition of ATI they have a key component for their idea of modular processors. Ars Technica has a good post explaining in depth the multifaceted plan for customizable solutions.

Intel on the other hand seems to be sticking with their general purpose processors by pushing more and more cores and good performance per watt numbers.

posted by dharh 10:25 AM Dec 20th, 2006

Whew! Been working on this for a while and it's finally done.

New Features

New UI features

Now people can navigate in deep thought using these keyboard shortcuts.

  • j next
  • k previous
  • r refresh
  • v goto current posts home
  • g-h goto main page home
  • g-a goto articles home
  • g-b goto blog home

New wiki features

  • Finally added wiki links. Yes that means articles can be linked inside other articles and posts.
  • Added the <nowiki> tag
  • Added the <nohtml> tag

Future Features

Future UI features

  • / search
You will be able to search the site for that topic you want. Start your search with tag:[tag] or type:[blog|article] to narrow down your search.

Know the name of the article you want? Type it in the search and it will take you there directly. Type it slightly wrong? The results will probably get you there anyway.

Future wiki features

A wiki help page.

posted by dharh 12:45 PM Dec 18th, 2006

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