Some people have asked me whats the real difference between blog posts and articles.

Blog posts are date centric, meaning there is no criteria other than the date (down to the second) which makes a blog post unique. Any blog post can have the same name as any other. The reasons behind that are blog posts tend to be much more prolific than articles. If a blog post today has the same name as a blog post from two years ago, who cares. Blog posts are also very static, once a post is made it should remain as is.

Articles on the other hand are dynamic. They are changed from time to time based on new or changing information. This means they are name centric. There can be no articles of duplicate names, the name of the article should remain unchanged, and explain what the article is about.

Even though articles and blog posts use the same wiki text markup language to format the posts they do not interfere with each other. Blog posts of the same name as articles have no problems.

posted by dharh 9:52 PM Dec 28th, 2006

Whew! Been working on this for a while and it's finally done.

New Features

New UI features

Now people can navigate in deep thought using these keyboard shortcuts.

  • j next
  • k previous
  • r refresh
  • v goto current posts home
  • g-h goto main page home
  • g-a goto articles home
  • g-b goto blog home

New wiki features

  • Finally added wiki links. Yes that means articles can be linked inside other articles and posts.
  • Added the <nowiki> tag
  • Added the <nohtml> tag

Future Features

Future UI features

  • / search
You will be able to search the site for that topic you want. Start your search with tag:[tag] or type:[blog|article] to narrow down your search.

Know the name of the article you want? Type it in the search and it will take you there directly. Type it slightly wrong? The results will probably get you there anyway.

Future wiki features

A wiki help page.

posted by dharh 12:45 PM Dec 18th, 2006

Last Updated 2009-08-14


  • backend
  • Counts clicks on links, orders links by click
  • New UI. Looks more like idt


  • newLink() now takes category, name, and URL instead of just category and link


  • Fixed position error with [more...] menu


  • Now every link is added through the newLink() function


  • Created newLink() function which can take category and link
  • Create displayLinks() function which will display all links added via newLink()
  • You can set a max initial display for number of links per category
  • It can dynamicaly handle additional links


  • The additional links displayed from [more] are now handled through an array list


  • Added javascript to handle too many links to be displayed, popup from [more...] displays additional the links


  • UI now looks like XP window


  • Links in categories, in a line


  • Created very simple massive link display page by category

posted by dharh 11:50 PM Oct 2nd, 2006

Sparce links has been updated to the lasted version. It now uses to populate its links, which pretty much now makes it a UI for All that's left to do is keeping persistant information about link to count clicks so the links can be ordered by most used.

posted by dharh 12:53 AM Oct 2nd, 2006

So you wouldn't think this site would have a problem with comment spam since it gets so few visiters, but over a given week I get about 100 spam posts in the comments. I've added images for authentication to comments so in order to make a comment you have to type the text you see in the image.

posted by dharh 1:19 PM Sep 18th, 2006

Updated a little of the code for idt. Deleted the spam comments. Busy with life at the moment.

posted by dharh 12:51 PM Aug 11th, 2006

I continue to expand the code for indeepthought and have implemented more of wiki markup. If your curious about wiki markup you can see two competing standards here and here. Which one am I using? Neither really, there are parts of both I don't like and since neither is an excepted standard by the community of wiki I am basically using my own derived form based off wikipedia itself.

posted by dharh 6:50 PM Mar 3rd, 2006

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