Original wonkette Ana Marie Cox continues to make funny and witty posts in her weekly Chatology. Seems the US intelligence agencies can't make up their minds whether to classify or declassify documents. This is a little late, I saw it last week, but I found this page on The Rise & Fall of Object Orientation interesting. Someone posted an interesting response to the events surrounding the cartoon of their Prophet Muhammed at Kuro5hin. Can hydrogren producing mutant algae solve our energy problems? Fox does it again by asking if an Iraq civil war could be a good thing.

Finally, this is an interesting analysis about watermarks and I agree with the authors conclusion that watermarks aren't well suited for DRM. I think watermarks should be used only to find out who shared the file later.

posted by dharh 11:21 PM Feb 24th, 2006

A little late but here are a few of the things I found interesting on the net this week: Are viruses the ancestors of all life on earth?, Mormon's and DNA, Google releases more widgets, A decentralized internet?

Also I meant to post this last week but here is a quick rundown with links on the big discussion across the blogsphere about the supposed gatekeepers of the blogsphere. Whether it is about the long tail, or the short head, or A-list, B-list, or C-list. It all stems from the same idea, that there are a few blogs which have tremendous traffic and wield considerable power in possibly aiming that traffic at other blogs. What typically happens, as happens with most things social, is these high profile blogs tend to point their links to other high profile blogs. This social schema is better known by the power law. They perpetuate the traffic in the circle of A-list blogs, while the other blogs see significantly less traffic. These blogs with low traffic are in what is considered the long tail, the vast number of blogs which individually have few links into them and thus have low traffic but interestingly comprise more total traffic than the short head. More activity happens under the surface even if the surface seems more turbulent.

posted by dharh 12:12 AM Feb 18th, 2006

David Cross is a funny guy. I'm currently reading a book called Cryptonomicon written by Neal Stephenson. This guy is borderline fucking genius or I'm borderline fucking retarded, either way. Anyway he takes these pauses in the book to explain some complex theory like how sex affects clarity of mind such that Cm (clarity of mind) can be designated as a range from 0 ≤ Cm < 1 where Cm = 0 indicates a totally clouded mind and Cm = 1 is an unattainable divine state of infinite intellect. Horniness designated as σ begins at zero at time t = t0 and increases linearly immediately following sex as a function of time such as &sigma a (t - tô) and can only drop back down to zero by having sex or a Manual Override. This function of horniness effect clarity of mind such that the at a critical point in horniness there is a threshold σc when σ > σc it becomes impossible to concentrate. This can be completely described by the limit function:
Cm  a   lim
(σ - σc)n

It's bloody brilliant! The main thrust of the book is about the importance of cryptography through WWII and currently as you can probably tell from the title.

Normally I'm not much into quirky community sites but orkut seems relatively decent. It's affiliated with google so it might be an interesting site. The server is a little slow but they got a ton of communities, even one for Fort Collins.

posted by dharh 11:10 PM Jun 27th, 2004

Read some interesting pages about Microsoft over the last week or two. The most telling was How Microsoft Lost the API War which has a theory about the change internally from backwards compatibility. There is some more evidence that this change has become quite pervasive here and here. As someone who believes heartily that backwards compatibility is key to having a large enough software base for good adoption this trend is most telling that Microsoft is going in the wrong direction. Lawrence Lessig posted on his blog an interesting speech Cory Doctorow gave to some people at Microsoft about DRM. Finally, if its to be believed, Transgaming has announced WineX 4.0, named Cedega, which will be able to run Windows games on Linux with very good compatibility and performance.

posted by dharh 11:41 AM Jun 22nd, 2004

Linkmarks has been completely replaced by sparce. Some various links that were in Linkmarks but not in Sparce have been put into the sections which I thought were applicable.

posted by dharh 7:09 PM Jun 14th, 2004

Here's a shit load of links for you to click on.

posted by dharh 5:30 PM Feb 8th, 2004

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